Do Warforged Dream of Clockwork Sheep

Day 4

“Green goo on books, healer says they about Dwarf Kings (/spit). Halfling tried to help goo, anything to do with Dwarfs is bad. She remind me of friend at circus, stole bread to give me while in cage. Mustach man cast spell to see big area. Half-Orc got too close to books, these ones attack. Nasty Dwarf books. Must have raged, blacked out and everything dead.”


Day 3

“Woke up in strange room with strange angel next to me. She smells nice but I don’t trust her. Lamp spit out funny mustash man. Shouting from down the hall, our job to deal with.

Room with cages, cages all gone. Door to other room. Big ice block, froze dwarf inside. I hate dwarfs. Half-Orc put tong on ice, ice melted and dwarf came to life. Time to kill dwarf. Nasty dwarf. Dwarf with crown, some kind of king. Even better to kill. Words on crown, angel said who he was. Doesn’t matter.

Upstairs, room with many books, green slime coating everything. I have a bad feeling about this. Rest before moving on."

- Torion

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